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Grounding the Bridge


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With my guitar coming along at a pretty fair pace [got the control cavities cut yesterday!], I figured it'd be a good time to ask this.

I've read that it's a good idea to ground the bridge, and that this is typically done by connecting a wire to one of the bridge screws. But how is this done exactly?

Do you drill a hole intersecting the bridge screw hole, feed the wire in, and screw down into the wire and hope it doesn't break? So far that's the only thing I've thought of, and it seems like there's got to be a better way to do it. I'm using the Hipshot hardtail bridge and no pickguard, in case any of that matters.

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it is not a good idea...it is necessary unless you want to get shocked every time you play in high humidity.unless you have active pickups.

if you have a tom...run your wire into the insert hole.if you have a hardtail like a strat run the wire out the top of the guitar under where the bridge sits and install the bridge on top of the bare wire.no soldering is necessary.

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