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Still Confused...


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Been looking in to the finish on my 59 LP replica and getting myself more and more confused.

What to buy, where to buy it. Is stuff compatible.

Is there anybody here with experience of finishing a guitar from the UK?

I think I need to talk this over with someone who has done it before and I'd like to pick your brains regarding suppliers and getting the colours i need etc. I would like to use the Rusting plastic coating as a final gloss but what goes underneath is puzzling me and i can't find proper answers anywhere.

If any UK person here can help, I'll drop my email address via the PM and send you my telephone number or get yours and pay for calls etc.

Thanks if you can help.


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Ask Here

Many of the guys on this UK based forum are on here but you may get a quicker answer if you post on there.

I have thought of using Rustins plastic coating, but as yet have not.

Their Danish oil is nice for the fretboard tho

Thanksmate. I will.


spoke with the people at Rustins and they tell me all their products are compatible. Do you think mixing a dye with a weakened solution of the lacquer to create the aged, yellowed top and faded red burst finish would work before using the lacquer neat for the final top coats?

Here was my plan after grain filler:

1. apply a thin lacquer coat overall

2. apply a thinned lacquer, yellow coat to the top

3. apply a thinned laquer red burst

4 apply the top laquer overall

5. buff and finish

Sound OK?

Here's where I got my idea from:




Ermmm....(Ant) Setch(ell) actually replied to your first post, might be an idea to PM direct if Rustins is the way you want to go.

And yes, lots of us from the UK have finishing experience, thank you very much, but as stated not with Rustins but with either Nitro or 2K which is a whole different ball game.


Nocturne Guitars

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