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snakewood fretboard

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manufacturers don't generally use tung oil.but they don't use snakewood either.on maple fretboards they use a clearcoat and on ebony or other oily woods they use nothing.

i am not familiar with the exact properties of snakewood,although i do know what it is.is it oily?if so you don't really NEED anything.

but for a natural wood feel with a darkening of the wood(to make it look wet)...use tung oil.that's what it is made for

just apply with a rag,let it soak in,apply more,repeat until it stops soaking in.let dry for 24 hours.reapply in the same way.let dry completely(ubtil the smell goes away...about 2 or 3 days)

then polish LIGHTLY with steel wool(0000) and your good to go.

i did my whole v in this finish and it looks great.plus it keeps the moisture out

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just wondrin-

will i need to reapply the oil more times in the future because of evaporation?

it won't evaporate.all it does is soak into the wood.you may need to reapply every year or so if the wood is not naturally oily.but when you reapply all you do is wipe on once and let dry.it doesn't take time like the first application.

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