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Wiring Question


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Hello, I'm new to guitar building/electronics and I have decided to research some things before building a guitar because I have wanted a specific setup with a guitar and I wanted to know if it was possible to do this....

I want to put 3 humbuckers on a 5-way switch and give each of them their own volume/tone controls plus a killswitch onto the guitar. I don't think room will really be a problem if this is possible seeing as I will be building the body to accomodate all of this. One other final thing that had just popped in my mind, but I'm not so sure of doing, is adding a 2-way toggle switch that would select either the 5-way switch or if it was flicked the other way, to activate all 3 humbuckers at once.

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I can't help but agree-- but I'm predisposed to prefer minimal controls as it is.

Even with 2 buckers and a simple coil-split, I only find I use 2 or 3 tones. If you set up a system with 300 options, you're likely to find yourself with a lot of tonal overlap, tones you don't use, and a difficult time tracking down and using the tones you DO enjoy. :D

But, I've seen crazier wiring schemes, and there are plenty of madmen who love having knobs and switches everywhere. Power to them (you?), but I'm just not one of them. :D

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well if i was doing it i would have each pickup going to a stacked pot that controlled volume and tone. then from there it would be wired to the 5 way switch. There would be a mini 2-way switch wired to act as a neck adder which would allow all 3 pickups or even neck and bridge. then the kill switch would be wired just before the output jack.

It wouldnt look too bad as the stacked volume and tone would keep the knob count down and they would make it would be easier to find the relevant one.

I think that would work - cant be bothered to do a drawing though

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