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Disposable Gloves

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I've used latex quite a lot. They last a while if you can avoid direct , long term contact with those hardcore solvents, like acetone and thinners in general. Vinyl is the worst, they disintegrate on first contact and I just picked up a box of nitril gloves, haven't used them as much. But they ARE ALL "disposable" gloves, may as well use a new pair for every session. :D

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I have a box of nitrile I use almost everytime I go out to work. Mainly because I have found that I am highly allergic to bubinga, which I've been working with lately. Its strange as I haven't heard many issues with bubinga. I don't really ever have problems with breathing the dust, though I still wear a mask when cutting or sanding it, for some reason any skin that comes into direct contact with the stuff, nearly instantly breaks out into dozens of little blisters, its crazy how fast it occurs, I could probably document it and shock you guys. Anyhow, the nitrile gloves tend to fall apart pretty fast on me and thats without any chemical usage, however they are the cheap thin ones, so that is probably expected. While trolling the isles at the hardware store today I noticed some gloves they sell specifically for stripping paint and similar duties. I don't know what they are made of, might be worth a look if you haven't already tried them, I think they were orange, but I can't say for certain. Anyway, best of luck with that and let us know what ends up working for you. J

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Hi, thanks for the replies guys. Have researched it a bit more and apparently the thinners I have has Xylene and Toulene in them and the only gloves you can use with them are not disposable Viton was one kind think there are 3 others but none that you can get in the tight fitting disposable kind. Have tried the nitrile a few times and as long as you don't soak the glove in the thinners as you are cleaning the gun they hold up. Plus once I've cleaned up I chuck them anyway so should be fine like that.

Thanks again


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