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wood pickup covers


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If you go to the Pickup Makers forum:


and look at the thread pickup covers (not so much in the re: pickup covers thread)

It is a cool idea and I would like to try it sometime. I thought there was another thread that dealt more with the process that some folks actually use, but I couldn't find it.

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Here's what I remember; Take a chunk of hardwood and size it to the height (or depth) of the cover plus a little extra for sanding . The other dimensions should be oversize so you can clamp or otherwise hold it down in during routing. Cut the inside cavity to fit the pickup first (I'd do several so you'd have extra in the event of a problem)You will not be able to get into the corners without switching to a very small bit and be sure not to route so deep you come throught the other side. Then you can cut the outside dimensions, I'd use a bandsaw, cutting to leave extra for sanding again. Clean it all up with files and sandpaper. I would think drilling polepiece holes would be pretty tricky to get spot on maybe use an existing cover to mark accurately.

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