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Compound Radius Considerations

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I'm considering buying a compound radius fretboard from Stew Mac and I'm wondering what other considerations are involved in this choice.

That is, what additional tools am I going to need? I have a couple of 12" radius blocks, since that's what I've been working with--will I need to acquire additional radius blocks?

I have the fret caul and inserts set, so I should be covered when it comes to fretting. I'll be using a Trem King bridge, so that part is good.

Any other considerations involved here? How difficult is it to sand a compound board that has already been radiused-- will I be able to get by with just finish sanding?

Lastly, for those of you who have tried both compound and 'normal' fretboards --is there really that big of a difference? Worth the extra hassle?

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It's not a big hassle.

Frankly, radiussed sanding blocks should only be used to finalize the shape of a fingerboard. For levelling, all you need is a big, long, flat sanding block.

As for difference...depends. If you like medium action anyway, it doesn't matter all that much. If you're looking to squeeze that last tiny amount of action potential out of your instruments, it'll make a difference. In terms of feel, compound boards are nice, though. Flat up high, rounded in cowboy chord country.

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Mick,I consistently use both types,and truthfully I don't notice a huge difference in my fretting....The main improvement is with high bar pulls on a floyd...the compound radius allows me to pull full bends in the upper registers while at the same time maxing the pull on a floyd,creating that super high,screaming pull,dive combination that slayer does so much....

On a fixed bridge guitar it makes no difference to me.

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