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Carribean Burst

Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

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Could you not do it by doing multiple burst finishes?

it does look very very sweet espescially the second one. I'm digging the inlays on that guitar :D

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First, stain black then sand back. Add in a few drops of blue to your black to help tint the yellow to your green shade.

Then it's all blue and yellow stains in differing ratios.

For the center, start with a cup of yellow and add a few drops of blue until you get the shade you want. Just a few very small drops of blue will be all you need, maybe only 1-3 drops or so.

Then, for the middle burst, add more blue to your yellow to get the dark green, maybe a healthy 8-10 drops more.

Then, for the endburst, start off with a cup of blue and add yellow until you get what you want, (again, a very few drops) ...it's just the color spectrum between yellow and blue (which is green). That outer burst (bottom pic) actually looks a little purple, which means he added a few small drops of red to his blue instead of yellow. Neat. I like it very much.

Pretty easy, you're just mixing colors here, drop by drop. This is really done exactly like a standard sunburst scheme, just substituting blue for brown (and maybe red)

I'd bet the center was done with water-based stains shot on with a gun or airbrush, and the outer blue was done with the color mixed in with the finish, as a 'toner'.

PS, I know that that 'Carribbean' look can be varied to extents, but that bottom one is by far the nicest example of that look I've ever seen (to me anyway), thanks for the pic of it!

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