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Refret, Or Level Crown And Polish?

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I bought this neck a few years ago. I was hopping to use it for an "S" style Ibanez body. Now I have a plan for a BC Rich Gunslinger body that I will put it on.

By the looks of the frets, it was played pretty hard. All the frets down to #13 look like this. I was wondering if I should get the frets leveled, or just re-fret the whole thing.


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Sweet!! My Westone Spectrum's frets look like that, and I was thinking I was gonna have to refret!

Mine are so bad that I can't get it to play in tune properly at the first 3 or 4 frets. Maybe the nut needs work too, hmm...

Anyway, good thing I just ordered a fretfile! Now I'll be able have a go at levelling and recrowning first, and if I stuff that up I can refret anyway. Result!

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