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Odd Neck Joint?

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Something about that fender doesnt sit right with me at all, like he got a MIM and played with fire to make it look aged and give it a back story.

He's tagged it with "vintage pickups" too, which makes me thing he's trying to sell it off as all original parts, but if it caught fire that badly it would have been a melted mess.

Maybe I'm just a mistrusting sod though :D

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nah - i think you are spot on.

it looks to me that they started doing a relic - got bored and burnt the hell out of it. i actually think the burning effect could look cool.

But then in the comments he says the serial number got burnt off in a fire... erm - only if he aimed the blowtorch at it!!

of course he could actually be trying to find out what its worth (not much) and not trying to con anyone... maybe the language barrier is an issue

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