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How To Install Push-pull At Volume For Phasing?


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I've purchased a Xaviera ES-335 wannabee a couple of Xmases ago, and it has come equipped with push-pull split coil tap tone knobs. I'd like to replace the lowest volume knob for a push-pull type, and use it to phase switch for when the guitar is in single coil (both p-u) mode, and middle toggle switch position to be the funky Strat-type Clapton-esque "Bell Bottom Blues" sound. I've had this done before by a local luthier, but I'm too poor now to pay someone to do the work. Can someone diagram this? and post it, or email to me? Thanks ahead of time for a great website, and all of the help that is available here.

Mark in Smashville, TN

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Thanks everyone. I knew I could count on you'z guyz.

The Seymour Duncan sight has so many configurations, I'll study those options to figure it all out. The Jimmy Page option looks like what I'll do on my 2001 LP Gold Top. I don't think I agree with the complexity of that one though. All for tone and volume pots as push-pulls? Seems too complicated.

I had an old ('57 LP Goldtop - now long gone and stolen), that I had a really powerful Pyramid hot rails pickup installed at the bridge, and the original HB on the neck, and Pyramid Guitars re-wired it with split coil taps, and a small micro toggle between the 4 knobs for phasing. Man would that beast growl, and then get the funky strat-like sound. I've been crying for nearly 25 years since it got stolen.

I could buy a real house for what those '57's are selling for now. And I only had a total of $325 in it. Boo-hoo.

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