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Just Got A New Bridge. Saddles Need To Be Filed

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i was wondering that too;

i was gonna buy an origanal badass with the solid brass saddles;

just stopping and thinking about it, it would make sense that it was just like a nut; but look at bridges you buy that are slotted, its just enough for the string from sliding around, where the nut persuades the height and buzzes like crazy if the widths are skewed;

so i bet if you got like a (?) .9 file and marked the enough to stop side to side movement it would work fine; but i wonder making them to string size would help even more; i definatly have more qestions, but i dont want to hijack your post


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Saddle slotting is less critical than nut slotting - you really just need to create a small notch to position the string. This can be done with a small triangular file.

Saddles have less active string behind them, and don't (usually) have tuners behind them, so they don't have the same binding problems as a nut, and they don't set the string height the way a nutslot does. All you have to be careful of is to make a smooth so that the string isn't likely to get cut or damaged.

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