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CA or Epoxy


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I have been trying out several types of epoxy for some see-through inlay work I'm doing. Each epoxy that I have tried seems to dry a bit softer than CA glue. It could be an error in mixing since the tubes don't seem to push out even amounts every time. I was just wondering which is suposed to be harder when done right?

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Not really sure, maybe epoxy needs a longer curing time.

I remember a project body I was working on, then wound up trashing. After bashing it good with a hammer a few times (I always do that before tossing one), I noticed a thick pocket of epoxy that had dried in the bottom corner (I had used epoxy to glue up the top)

Man, it was so brick-hard I can't tell you, like a rock or even harder yet, and CA would never have dried properly in a hunk that large.

So, maybe it needs a more extended curing time to become just as hard???

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