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Grounding Bridge Problem


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I think I may have messed up. Embarassed

I am building a custom body with two humbuckers, a Bigbsy vibrato and the appropriate bridge for it. So, I am ready to wire it up and I realize I haven't done anything to ground the bridge. I have already pounded in the inserts for the bridge posts and don't think I can get them back out. So I don't know how I can ground to the bridge (any suggestions welcome).

I can up underneath the Bigsby from the control cavity, so I thought that would be my fix - I could just run the ground to the Bigsby (would this work??). However, I cannot get the solder to stick to the bottom of the Bigsby.

I would appreciate any help or suggestions. Thanks.

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you don't need to solder the ground directly to the bridge.. You need to drill a hole right under the bridge to the control cavity, and have a wire draping over the edge of the hole under the bridge. So when you install the bridge it will always be touching! :D

Good Luck!


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The way I'd do it is to put a screw in from your neck pickup route to your bridge insert, you only need to screw it in until its in contact with the insert then you can solder a wire to the screw (make sure the screw isn't plated in something unsolderable before you screw it in!). I've done this on a couple of guitars and it works perfectly well, it also gives you a good point to attach your grounds to if you're star-grounding everything.

You won't be able to solder to the base of the bigsby as they aluminium which is pretty much unsolderable.

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