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Tele Neck Warped


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I'm building a tele neck,

and thought I was ready to glue on the fretboard, .... but

I see that the centerline I've drawn (only a month ago) is about 1.5mm off where the truss rod slope ends.

(I should post a picture but I haven't got one right now.)

what is your opinion,

is it worth it trying to make a decent neck out of it.

Or should I save the fretboard for another neck and start over ?

The neck wood is maple, with some tigerstripe figure in it,

it's a beautifull piece actually.

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I didn't understand, it's out of the axis because you did it alittle wrong, or the wood has curved after you did it?

if it's the second option, i reccomend you to do another one, with a dryer wood.

if it's the first option, maybe you can use this neck.

well, there's an importante thing to think about: you think you can make another one, better? and all the other parts? it's your fistr try, or have you done another ones?

in my opinion it's not so bad. but I'm not so experienced, I'm only starting in the guitarbuilding...

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I don't think I did something wrong,

the wood has worked this much.

I'm starting over with a new piece.

I am assuming the other end of that straight edge is aligned with the centerline at the heel. If the wood has moved that much absolutely start over. The neck wood is moving a lot (either from tension being released after you removed wood to ruff shape it, or because it was not fully dried and stabalized).


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