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2 Vol 1 Tone


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I am considering using a 2 vol 1 tone circiut in a DIY guitar. Basically the circuit of a Fender Jazz bass.

Setting aside pot & cap values, is there anything in particular to do with the circuit itself that would make it unsuitable for guitars as opposed to basses?

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There's nothing special about bass components that would make it work on a bass but not a guitar.

Just do it the same way, substituting components of the right "values" (pots, capacitors) where appropriate. Depending on your pickups, you might also have more than 2 wires coming from it, but that's just another shift of approach-- wire humbuckers in series (the normal method) and you're left with 2 conductors and a shield wire. Proceed as usual.

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You could do that easily. But personally i would go for 1 vol 2 tone instead. But to go one better (assuming you have a pickup selector switch as well) then I would advise a blend pot instead of a pickup selector switch, 1 master volume and 2 tones(this is assuming you have a 2 pickup guitar) as that would give you more flexibility. The way a blend pot works is it basicly lets you choose how much of each pickup you have (instead of bridge, neck or both)

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If you use a blend pot, you have to change your pot values to make the impedance right. I believe you'd have to use 250k blend/500k volume/500k tone for single coils and 500k blend/1Meg volume/1Meg tone for humbuckers. That would bring you into the neighborhood of what your pickups want to see(139k on single coils as opposed to the usual 125k, 278k on the humbuckers as opposed to the normal 250k). That's probably not even a noticable difference. Even doubling the impedance with single coils has only a very slight effect.

1 blend, 1 volume, and 1 tone would probably prove the most useful. Use the volume to set your level relative to the amp, then use the blend to select pickups and tone to take away any extra treble. Use a separate tone for each pickup if you want, I'm assuming you only want 3 knobs though.

If you don't need a tone control(ie you always leave it on 10), use 250k blend/250k volume for single coils and 500k blend/500k volume for humbuckers.

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