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Tom Saddles - Fix Or Replace

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I Got a Gotoh TOM bridge with the big posts, Nashville style and I need a replacement for a saddle I believe I miscut. The saddle in question has a small buzzing sound when the G string is hit. I'm pretty sure the buzzing comes from the saddle. It happens on an open string as well as fretted notes. I think that I may have made a mistake while cutting the saddle slot. The G string is 17 gauge and I cut the slot with a 20 gauge file (closest I could find).

Is there a way to fix this? Did I use the proper gauge file?

If I replace the saddle, can I get StewMac's Nashville replacement saddle? Is it a direct replacement?

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Which direction do you have the saddle facing, i.e. is the angle front or back? I had a sting buzzing at the saddle for a while on a Gotoh TOM and couldn't get rid of it. I flipped the saddle so the flat edge faced front and have not had a problem since.

Yeah... I'll probably try that tonight... but if it works, I'd still like a proper replacement saddle so I can do it right.

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