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Using Ca Glue For Multi-layered Binding

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i'm having a pretty hard time gluing up a 6-ply binding, i routed the ledge for the binding to .160 which is the combined thickness of the binding and i guess i didn't realize how thick the glue is because somehow the binding is always sticking out a bit instead of flush... so i was thinking, is it possible to glue all 6-plys of binding to the body in one shot all together at the same time with a super thin CA glue? i was thinking of trying to wick all around the guitar, but i did have a thought that the glue may not penetrate through all 6-plys and may not secure it well to the body... does anyone else have any thoughts, experiance with this... thanks so much

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Stewmac sells a binding laminator. It can squeeze the layers together after you apply acetone. The trick is to get the layers you've just softened onto the body before it hardens. You have some working time thought the acetone evaporates in seconds. The layered binding will be soft for a little while.

Binding glue is thicker than CA so there is a little more potential for your layers to equal more than .160" if you use it.

The only real world suggestion I have is that you tape each layer in place solidly as you work your way around the body. If you have thin binding layers, then glue two at a time before attaching to the body. Remember to attach to the body before all the solvents dry because they help keep the binding pliable for a while.


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