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  1. I only just scrolled through to look at the pics, but damn. Awesome.
  2. I do something similar to this when I'm gluing fingerboards. I use a long slab or marble, only when I do it the fingerboard is on the bottom, and I use every clamp I can fit on there
  3. Hah! I think you may be right. What can I say, I'm a Jazzmaster fan.
  4. This seems pretty cool to me, but I do wish it looked better. Either way, if they ever make one I can use in a Moog Guitar, I'll buy it in a heartbeat.
  5. Thanks again for the additional compliments everyone! Here's a quick pic of the output jack plate that I made for it.
  6. At the encouragement of a few forum members, here is my first ever entry for GOTM. I guess I'll lay out the specs, as that seems to be the thing to do. One-piece Honduran Mahogany body One-piece Honduran Mahogany neck Indian Rosewood fingerboard Single-action truss rod (made by me) Vulcanized Fibreboard binding, headstock veneer, back cover plate, truss rod cover, pickguard and pickup ring (all made by me) Synthetic ivory fingerboard dots white plastic fingerboard side dots Gotoh die-cast tuners Gotoh 510 wraparound bridge Roadhouse Pickups Triple Crown humbucker CTS volume and t
  7. Oh, and I'll take a few more pics soon. I forgot to show off my custom jack plate!
  8. Alright, you guys talked me in to it. I'll just throw in for it now, I got nothing to lose.
  9. Thanks for the compliments everyone! The body is somewhere around 1.75" thick. The bevel makes it look thin. Can I do that? Sorry for my daftness, but I've never put in for GOTM, and I don't really follow it too much, or know how it works. Plus, wasn't there a thread recently about people entering for GOTM and not posting build threads? I don't wanna be one of those guys. I want to a do a right proper build thread here someday. I just didn't hardly take any pictures of this one while I was building it.
  10. I've been on this forum for a few years now, and I don't post very much. I just like to be helpful where I can, and I don't have time to be too active on all of the forums that I like to go to. But I really like this place, and a lot of the people here. Yet, so far I haven't ever made a new thread to show some of my work. I would have liked to make a proper build thread, but on this particular guitar I didn't take very many in progress shots. But this section is for in progress and finished work, so I guess this is more like a finished thread. Even though this guitar still needs some w
  11. I haven't made a twelve string, but I did make a ten string. Well not exactly, I just modified a Japanese Fender Jaguar in to a ten string. But still, unison strings and a 24" scale. I didn't notice any issues with strings hitting each other, but this guy wanted really heavy strings on it. The tension on that little neck was insane and I felt sorry for it.
  12. There's no reason why you couldn't do a heel-adjust truss rod on a pitched headstock neck. Probably the reason why it's not often done is because most guitarists prefer a headstock-adjust truss rod, no matter whether the headstock is pitched or straight. So when you do get to that somewhat more limited market of people who prefer a heel-adjust, they're almost always vintage Fender guys and vintage Fenders, of course, have straight headstocks. Additionally, with a heel-adjust truss rod, you have to make sure that there is some kind of access to it, which is why you won't find it on set-neck
  13. Fascinating test, I'll be sure to watch where it goes as well.
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