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Tunomatic Hole Position

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I will install a tonepros tunomatic bridge and tail piece on my project guitar. I want to know how to determine the exact location for the hole in the body. It will be a 25.5 scale length guitar.

Since you are working with a 25.5" scale, the bridge (or the saddles to be more precise) should be located 12.75" from the twelfth fret. In practice, I have always added 1/16" of an inch to this length just to make sure I have enough play to intonate correctly. Also, I have mounted the bass side of the bridge slightly farther back than the treble side to allow for intonation also.

The tail piece should be located far enough behind the bridge so that the strings do not touch the back edge of the bridge. The topology of the guitar top will determine far back that will be.

Use full size drawings to intially determine the locations.

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ok, thanks.

Does the 12,75" + 1/16 must be calculated for the bass side of the bridge or the treble side. Also, do I measure from inside the 12th fret or outside?

Measure from the top of the fret, the point at which the string will come in contact with the fret.

I use that measurement on the treble side.

Since the saddles can be adjusted forward and back, use the midpoint of that travel distance as your end location. That will allow you to either shorten or lengthen the string length for intonation.

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