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Finishing My Jem Custom


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I have currently been doing alot of reasearch on the web to see what the best method for finishing is. i am alos looking at various guitar models from production to customs however i cannot for the love of god find what i am after.

here is the wood that is currently being used to produce my body:


and here is the sort of finish that i would hopefully like to achieve:


however!!! i have no clue as to what i am to use, or actually how to do it.


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That color looks pretty close to Lake Placid Blue. You can get LPB in nitro rattlecans (plus everything else you need) from www.reranch.com. Keep in mind that the owner gigs a lot and only takes in as many orders at one time as he can fill in a day or two. If you get a prompt for a user name and password, the store is closed.

Another option: Duplicolor Ultramarine Blue in acrylic lacquer rattlecans. Don't bother with Dupli clear. You can use Deft, Watco, Rustoleum lacquer for a clear coat.

Here's a Tele I finished with Duplicolor and Rustoleum clear.



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My bet would be paint it with a brush, get the right blue and fill in a metallic, then you can tailor the color to your liking. Or if you can find the right color spray it with a blue metallic then use a nitro finish. IMO

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