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Painting A Graphic On

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I have a perfectly stripped down fender body. I was planning on buying the purple wood dye, nitrocellulose clear coat and the finesse it compound.

I was planning on dye the entire body purple and then have my wife paint something on the bass (Death Star, Frisbee... not sure yet). What is the best way to go about this? Directly on the dye? or apply a couple layers of clear coat and go on top of that. She uses primarily acrylics... would that be okay, or would you recommend something else entirely?


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2k Urethanes, common automotive clears. Depending on the paint your using for the artworks maybe a furniture poly.

Nitro is old technology that the paint industry gave up on because the finish is not as durable or uv resistant as the stuff we use today as well as the enviormental concerns.

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Don't know what to tell you there. I have about 40 quarts of Autoair and 4 different airbrushes.

Edit, thought about it.

Signpainters One Shot if your not clearing over the art. House Of Kolor Striping paints if you are.

Either product can be used in the other situation with additives.

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You can also use an Artist Fixative from a spray can to seal the body before she does the graphic. This will put a barier between the dye and paint. When it comes to clean up with acrylics in case of a problem she already know's water works best on a damp cloth.

As for the clear top coat I would recommend that you prep a small board (using your dye and fixative) she can use as a pallet for her paints. After she is finished with the art work, wipe the excess paint away but leave enough on the pallet to use it as a test board for spraying your top coat on to see how it will react.

Do the test coat only on a small square (cut a hole in a piece of cardboard or what ever to spray it on, That way if you have to make any adjustments due to a problem you will still have a test area to try again on.

That's what I would try anyway, I love acrylics but I usualy use them on bare wood or canvas... :D

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