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Help: Gfs Lil Killer Rails


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hi, sorry to ask a noob question,,

i couldnt really find any info on this pickup..

i wired my gfs killer rails using the seymour duncan killer rails diagram but there seems to be quite a bit of hum due to some grounding problem or something..

maybe someone can guide me to the correct reference page or tell me how to wire the pickups?

btw i still dont really understand shielded and non-shielded wires..

should i use shielded wires for wiring a strat?

these are the components i have


Neck Pickup is 6 K

Middle Pickup is 10 K

Bridge Pickup is 15 K


thanks in advance, hope to hear some good replies :D

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First thing I would do is call Guitar Fetish and ask if the seymour duncan wiring diagrams can be used for those pickups. Usually his pickups use the SD wiring, but not always. Looking at the descriptions for those pickups I see nothing saying to use the SD wiring, so I would just confirm that first.

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Shielding from hum is a massive subject that is intricately taken apart in a thousand threads on Guitar Nutz Forum.

Main causes:

1) No ground to bridge (& therefore, strings)

2) bad solder joint somewhere

3) control cavity not shielded with sticky back copper foil or grounded

4) Crap cheap guitar lead

5) dirty electric supply (eg: fridge, flourescent lights close by on same ring mains)

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