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Lmii Radius Blocks

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Hey has any one had any experience with the LMII radius blocks? They do 1 radius on each side which seems like a good idea (less blocks) and differnt sizes (go up to 12" which is pretty cool)

I was just wondering of the quality before I order my self a 10/12 & 16/20 radius set



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I for a long time was buying Stew-mac maple radius blocks, than thought I'd try the LMI's. I ended up sending back the LMI blocks for a refund. They are not one piece Maple, don't evan think they are maple at all, but what's worse is that they are multi-piece. The Stewmac's are expensive but worth it, one piece maple. I've heard that evan they are not perfectly accurate, but I also have the Stew-Mac 12" radius aluminum for final touches.

I think it's a good idea to have the other side in use, on mine I used other blocks to sand a reverse radius so I could use it for stuff in need of a reverse radius. Maple is expensive wood, and it wears down machining tools, all that results in a higher price. LMI's description at the time didn't mention that they were multi-piece and the pics didn't reveal that. I supose my feelings are not the all and all authority, but I didn't want to take a chance on them. Unlike a flat surface such as a straight edge or fret leveler, it would be more difficult to know if they are warped, and if so, how could you re-calibrate them? If they made them out of machined granite blocks, that would be alot more accurate, and they'd stay that way. Stew-mac had offered a much more expensive radius sanding block set, I can't remember what they were made from but a well known luthier had endorsed them, maybe sales were not keeping them in demand.

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I've used LMI's blocks in the past and liked them plenty. thinking now - I don' think they were maple, but they were definetly a suitably sturdy wood. All of mine from LMI where definitely one-piece. The dual radius seems cool and helpful, but I only ever use one radius (12") on my builds, so it's lost on me.

My go-to block now is a slightly longer one made by one of the members on this board - I don't remember who, unfortunetly, it's been a while. Perhaps a search, or post asking for them in the for sale boards is worth it? He was a Canadian - I remember that much, and I believe he sells them on eBay as well.

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