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Scored A Killer Deal On A Dewalt Dw735 Planer!


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The price around here has always been $550 for it no matter where you went. I checked in with Sears because they were doing a one-year with no interest payment plan and they were at the normal selling price of $550. I checked in with Home Depot and they were on sale at $495. Sounded good... but I checked with Lowes just to be sure. They had it at $455!! This is the best price I have ever seen on it and I have been looking for over a year, so I bought it. My wife informed me of Home Depot's pricing policy where if you could find it for less, they will undercut it by 10% so seeing as I hadn't opened it yet, I took the receipt to them and low and behold, they honored their policy which means that I take the one back to Lowes and get the one at Home Depot for $410!!! Lowes wouldn't match it, so they lose. The folks at the Home Depot were doing handstands because they undercut Lowes... It was pretty comical! They are selling it practically at a loss and they are happy about it! :D

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Oops... I should have posted this in the tools forum... Admins, please feel free to move this. Sorry 'bout that! Boggs

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