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Tone Pot


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I am wondering about de-hookign my tone pots in my guitars. I have read that it will give you a hair more output... as well as the fact that I wont be accidentally hitting it and not knowing... killing my tone. Can anybody tell me how to disconnect it, and tell me what effects it does have on your tone? thanks!

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I'd be surprised if you even heard the output difference with it removed. It really is likely to be very small.

Disconnecting it is depending on what wiring you already have. Typically there will be a hot wire going from pickup to vol pot to tone, thru tone then on to the jack.

If you cut the connection between jack and tone pot and resolded jack to vol instead of the vol to tone connection, then this will remove it from the circuit. But it does depend on what circuit you have.

Personally I would not remove it, you may want to make use of it some day when you want to tone down the treble a touch for a warmer sound.

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