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Converting lfr to ofr

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heya people, ive been lucky enough to purchase a "indie Dragon" guitar. its korean made and has a licensed floydd trem, unfortunatly i have no idea what would could replace it that is ofr or of comparable quality. apparantly there would be a big gaping hole by the bass end. i have pictures of the guitar and a close up of the floydd here Ultimate guitar GOTW

i was wondering what floydd would suit the guitar best. I heard that gotohs would probably be the best option as it has a larger bass "wing" if you like, also ive been told the trem posts are a little small. Im sorry about lack of knowledge ive never had a floydd trem guitar before im more of a stoptail man meself:) .

Also has anyone any idea where i can get the right trem, but gold plated. Money isent really an issue i can spend up to £200 $300 on it.

Thanks guys

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