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Kahler Trem W/ Out The Locking Nut

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I posted the below question on the "I Can Help You With Your Kahler Questions" thread... but I dont think too many people are reading that thread any more... I only got one response (thanks Anti-Idiot). So here is round two, so if anyone has any experince regarding this subject, your advice will be greatly appreciated.

Has anyone ever used a Kahler Trem w/ out the locking nut? I have a hard tail that I was thinking of converting w/ the flush mount trem, but I don't want to modify my neck to put a locking nut on. I already have locking tuners, so I am thinking that should be enough. What do you guys think... good idea or bad idea? I would appreciate any advice!

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well it will be better than a standard trem with the kahler and locking tuners and should work just fine - but the tuning wont be as stable as it is with the locking nut. If you are planning on divebombs then use the lock if not you will probably be fine

oh, one more thing - the kahlers come with a behind the nut string clamp - not a locking nut. The string clamp would easily fix to your current neck without major modifcations (4 small screws). I have not found the string locks to be inferior to a locking nut but obviously they do mean there will be a bit of extra friction in the nut - on mine the tuning stability is rock solid and i prefer the feel of the trem to a floyd. another upside for me is that i prefer having a real nut to a metal locking one.

just keep the nut well cut and well lubricated in either situation (with behind the nut lock or with no lockat all)

installation needs carefull consideration - but thats goes for any change of bridge. You may have to recess the kahler to get to the same height as the hardtail whilst still having enoungh angle on the kahler saddles (the kahler thread has more details of this)

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if you're gonna use locking tuners, with or without locking clamp, make sure u have a good lubricated nut (huh huh huh), maybe a graphtech or some bone nut with (i dont know the name but its sorta...) chapstick? something like that.

BTW, what locking tuners are u using? I have Grover mini locking Rotomatics on my Epi LP, and i've never been so confident 'bout doin 1.5 or 2 steps bending. never get out of tune (but i dont have kahler -saving saving... goddamn 3rd world... gotta save...)

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