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pawn shop find?


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Hi all, I went to my favorite guitar pawn shop today and found an interesting four string electric bass. It was mohagany with a mohagany neck, and in has THREE J style pickups! Anyway, it says RAJ on the headstock "RAJ guitarworks".

Does anyone know anything about this name? (It's $200 and its a fixer uper)

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i used to have a raj guitar! i loved it until the punk who traded me for my crapper wanted his back! what an indian giver! anyway it was nice i think they are a small custom guitar company but im not to sure. the one i had was a blue flamed top 80's rocker with a floyd rose i really like it. id go for it!

oh and if you live in nashville, my freaind had to pawn off his prs hollow body mccarty, what an idiot! i want to go get it! he he he

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Thanks for all the info. I'll go back on friday and see if I can take a picture of it, if they let me. They're not too friendly in there, but they do have some good deals every now and then. (peavey cirrus redwood 4string for $150!!) Anyway, I'll try and call that number on friday too. I think I did say california somewhere on it. It would be a nice project to refinish if its not a peice of crap.

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