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Craftsman 3.9 amp Orbital Action Jigsaw

Captain Tex

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Great for a rough cut on the body but still leave plenty of room along your line (go outside your drawing by at least 1/4") because any jigsaw will have a blade that wanders and goes off center from the cut line towards the tip. Especially through something as thick as a body blank.

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I'm with Brian on this one.. First off, the jigsaw isn't really a great tool to cut out guitar bodies, so I'd even question you needing one. If I was you I'd go to someones shop that would let you use their bandsaw for a moment. It's basically like Brian said, the blade won't cut straight up and down perpendicular with the top most of the time. And that could leave you with tons of sanding to get it right. If you still can't find a place to bandsaw it for you. Then just use the jigsaw in the manner that Brian suggested and don't cut on the line. Here is a way you can cut out the body of a guitar perfect with hardly any sanding. Besides the jigsaw you'll need a Router with a flush trim router bit and a guitar template. First off, put the template on the wood and draw out the body onto the wood. You will want to cut at least 1/4" or more away from the line since you don't know which way the blade will tilt, that should give you plenty of play. Then take the template and line it back up with the line, you should still see the line since you cut out past the line, *didn't you? :D * and place it with some double stick tape so it doesn't move. Next, take your plunge router with the flush trim bit on it, and line it up so that the bearing on the bit rides along the template. Now slowly push the router around the guitar, and be sure it is secured down with some clamps so you don't get hurt. You don't want to plunge too far at a time.. just go around it with around 1/4" more each time... do this until the whole guitar is done.. Then you shouldn't have to do much sanding at all.... but that all depends on how good the template is.

Another option is to cut it out with the jigsaw, and use a drum sander to smooth out the edges. That's not a bad way to do it, but it still takes alot longer than it should. Hope this helps.. Good Luck


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