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Salvaged Scraps

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Has anyone ever tried to salvage a guitar that has been cut across the body and headstock? My dad has a couple of scraps from a really nice looking neck thru, but it has been cut across the body and headstock. Is there any reason this couldn't be salvaged? Will glue hold the headstock? The cut is halfway between the nut and the first pair of tuners, just beyond the truss rod access. Would it be wise to drill and dowel as well as glue? I have been wanting to start a project of my own, and this one would be magnificent if I could pull it off. Any advice?

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You will be gluing end grain which is an extremely weak joint. Even with dowels it is doubtfull that it will hold that tension without causing some sort of problem. Be it the body or the head snapping or at least flexing enough to cause playing and finish problems.

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