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Tunomatic/string Thru Bridge

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I'm planning to do a tremolo to hardtail/stringthru conversion.

One of the things I'm unsure about, is what kind (brand) of bridge I should get.

It definitly should be a black string-thru (tunomatic), but with so many brands out there, which one should I get?

I'm going for quality here, so price isn't a factor, unless you'd get into the exorbitant more $$ than you should spend on one piece of hardware teritory.

Edit: It doesnt neccecarily have to be a TOM style one, bridge saddles are okay though. As long as it's a hardtail type string-thru

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Take a look here.

Product codes TMMB, TMMC, and TMMG. (Difference between the three is the color.)

They're made by Gotoh. I have them on several guitars and like them a lot.

You can get the front and rear string-through ferrules from StewMac.

[Edit: The pics all show the chrome version, but TMMB is black.]

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