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Can You Point Me To Some Required Reading Please?


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Hey all,

I've come to realise I know far too little about how amps work!

Can anyone suggest some good reading for the total novice? :D

Basic electronics would be necessary too, I imagine.

Preferably some printed matter as well as websites.

I'm interested in eventually being able to build and service tube amps. I'm at the very beginning!



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Hey check this out. AX84 theory document Look about 1/3 of the way down the main section of this page to where is says "Current Materials". The first item is the P1 theory document. Click on this and download the PDF file. This will get you started on how a very basic tube amp works. After you read this...check out the rest of the site....lots of good amp projects going on there.

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well as far as the electronics ohms law is one of the bigest things you need to know to get started i don't know of any good sites for that (i went to school for electronics once upon a time so i just dusted off some old books) but here are some cool sites to check out they are mostly parts sites but they have good info and some of them will have the books and info you are wanting.

http://www.turretboards.com/ parts i have done buisness before with this guy and will gladly do more, there is a forum there too

http://www.tedweber.com/ lots of good information and they have kits and some of the best speakers, plus a forum

http://www.guytronix.com/ heres a interesting project

www.sophtamps.ca a little advanced but low voltage less likely to kill yourself

http://www.missionamps.com/ has a good rep

http://www.ceriatone.com/ has a good rep

http://www.diyguitaramp.com/ good info but can be a little hard to follow

http://www.diycustomamps.com/rem_champ.htm this is just neat as **** right here.

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