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Licensed Floyd On My Vanguard

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hi, my guitar is a low end guitar and has a licensed floyd rose. whenever i use the wham wham stick, the high E goes out of tune after a while. could this be the quality of the hardware or is it the lack of the STRING GUIDE piece included in most floyd guitars. The string guide is the piece above the locking nut...it cant be the nut that is the problem because i tightened it as far as it can go.. :D

stay metal!

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Could be several problems. Are there grooves worn into the nut or the nut block. That could allow the string to slip. How new are the strings, they could still just be stretching out. Are the string blocks in the bridge worn at all. Any worn areas could allow the strings to move.

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+1 on the above post.

That said, the whole point of a locking nut is to remove everything past the nut from the equation. Seems to me, if you've got the nut locked down properly and it's holding the strings securely that the lack of string retainer is moot. That said, just because the nut is cranked all the way down does not mean that is not the problem - if you're sure it's properly holding the strings, than you're fine, but are you sure? Like iHocky said, if the nut is worn and the strings are slipping, then your locking nut isn't really locking.

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actually the guitar is brand new. got it a few weeks ago. the strings i already changed. however, when i use the tremolo bar, i hear like a cracking sound. it is probably the strings moving. i replaced the licenced nut with my other guitars original floyd nut and still its cracking. could it be the bridge?

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Here's some things to try/think about:

Could the cracking sound just be the tremelo springs working? (Expanding and contracting)

Or maybe the pivot points are not shaped nicely? (The points where the bridge touches the mounting posts)

When you say you replaced the nut, did you swap the entire nut or just the clamps?

Are the contact points of the bridge saddles in good shape? (which is what ihockey mentioned)

It could be worth sanding/filing the underside of the licensed nut's clamp pads flat. I have one of those that was actually painted there, and it just didn't grip the strings properly until I flattened the surface underneath.

Also, it's worth pointing out that your high E string is obviously thinner than the B string. It may be worth trying different string gauges, to make those two strings more similar in thickness, with a view to evening up the clamping effect of that clamp pad??????????

[i remember reading a whole long thread somewhere about the effects/effectiveness of the retainer bar....... :blink:]

Hope this helps!


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