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The John Wayne Tele Project

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i'm making this one for john evans; he's a big john wayne fan and his nickname is... well... you can see what his nickname is.


the image was sketched and then carved out of the alder carefully. i applied a little stain and then sanded to sharpen it up.

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looks great! I'm wondering how your bridge will fit without covering the image, though.

Bet he did that on purpose -- it's going to look great having the image sneak out from beneath the bridge plate.

I'd like more information on how you pulled this off -- could you post closeups?

Is the image recessed into the wood, or is the surface still flat?

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How did you do the letters on the neck? If you carved them to, your fretboard won't be flat...

Grz Arjan

Looks like inlayed wood to me.

But regardless, as long as the frets themselves are leveled and are at the right radius, it'd be fine. You don't need the whole surface to be perfectly flat for a fretboard to work; that's how you can get away with scalloping. :D

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