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Before And After For Vanguard Cutaway..stain Problem

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Here are the pics to my newly modified axe. THe problem is I used the black fingerboard stain from Stewmac and it seems to be getting on my fingers. I spent hours to keep wiping off the excess and there is still more stain. This will go away after i use it for like 2 weeks right?

pict2884kq1.jpg BEFORE!!

pict0007wt3.jpg AFTER!!!





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I assume we're just talking about the fretboard? From the second pic it looks like the dye went on kinda splotchy, so my guess is that the board was not raw wood. If it had any kind of finish on it, the dye would not penetrate properly. I'm thinking that it was at least partly sealed by natural oils (sweat) from playing, so the dye just sat on top of the sealed bits, coming off on your fingers.

To answer your question, though, it will stop eventually. I have used the dye on freshly sanded fretboards and got a bit of black-finger, but not as bad as what you have. As for fixing what you have (assuming that the splotchiness is real and not just on the picture), I'm not sure what would be best. You might want to think about wiping it down with fretboard finishing oil. That may help seal in the dye/wipe off the excess. It seemed to work for me. Or I guess you could try sanding the board and re-applying the dye so that it penetrates better, but that might be difficult to do without defretting.

Just my 2 cents.

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