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Pickup Wiring Help Please!


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I ordered a pickup today and I just want to get an idea as to what I will have to do when wiring it up.

I want to wire it with the following configuration (single pickup guitar):

Bridge Pickup > Volume Knob > Output Jack

This is the wiring diagram supplied with the pickup:


As you can see, it doesn’t say where to connect the different wires to. I have no idea where everything goes! This is my first passive pickup installation and so I would be EXTREMELY grateful if you could help me out.

If possible, I would really appreciate it if someone could draw on the diagram below or describe where the different wires from the pickup go:


Thanks a lot,


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Im no expert but ....starting with your pot..from left to right..connetions are in,jack + ,jack ground..on pickup the red goes to the in on pot.and black is ground...the other 2 wires on pickup ,,green and grey allow you to coil tap it into single coil...if you do that you will need a switch for it..if you dont want to coil tap just connect 2 wires together..im not 100% sure but i think thats right...

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