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Coil Split Wiring


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ok so i dropped in a new set of pups today and i want to coil tap them via a mini toggle, problem is this, i want a 3 position switch (on/off/on) so that one "on" position will tap the neck pup, and the other "on" position will tap the bridge-so i can tap them independantly of each other. the middle of coarse shutting off tap function all together. of all the wiring diagrams i found i havent seen this, is it not common or just wont work? any ideas?

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If I'm not mistaken, you'd need more poles than a standard mini-switch allows. You want to control what are essentially two independent circuits with one switch. There are such switches, but it might be tricky to find one in mini form.

I definitely relate to wanting to minimize the number of switches, but ultimately it might be just as easy to use two mini-switches instead, or if you have 2 pots (tone/vol) to use 2 push-pull knobs.

Just a thought. If you want to do it all with 1 switch, I HAVE seen such a thing during my own travels; I don't recall the source, though, and it wasn't easy to track down. Someone else who has done more electronics shopping than me might be able to point the way.

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If I understand what you're trying to do, I think it should be possible with an on/off/on dpdt. Radioshack carries a mini swith like that, I believe.

The wiring itself would require wiring the two inner wires of the 4 conductor humbucker together. This is standard for the regular hum bucker series mode. You would wire the two inners from the neck pup to the middle lug on one side of the dpdt, and the two inners from the bridge would go on the other side, middle lug. Then with the remaining 4 outer lugs you would choose two diagonally opposite each other and connect them to ground (which two would determine the orientation of the switch). In the upper position, one humbucker would be tapped, the other normal. In the lower, the opposite humbucker would be tapped.

Hopefully this is what you were looking for, if you'd like me to draw it out, it wouldn't be a problem and would probably be clearer.


here we are


correct me if I'm wrong, I did this quickly

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I was reading the replies going, "there's no way my research was that wrong." But then I remembered... the EMG-89s for my case aren't actually split; they're 2 separate pickups in a single housing. D'oh!

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