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can pick up magnets get weak?

Speedy McFeely

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hi all,

well i have a s-style guitar that i built from warmoth body, and neck. i have it wired ala guitarnuts. it has a gibson 57 classic in the neck position and a dimarzio virtual 2.0 in the mid and a FRED in the bridge. well as of late the 57 classic is fading. it is much quieter than it used to be, i have had to move it closer to the strings and it can't go any closer.

***? can anyone explain this phenomenon? i really dig this pup, i can't afford another one, they are like 150 bucks.

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Magnets can be affected in many different ways but generally it's not the case where they go weak in a pickup without something happening to them to cause it.

Were they stored somewhere close to another (magnetic field) or where a static discharge could take place?

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well i have the entire cavity shielded with reynolds foil, but it's not magnetic. it has been in the same place since '95. pearloid pickguards are magnetic are they? they othe pups are fine. this sucks.

yeah my pick up is a reissue. if it was a real 57 paf, i would sell it and get a tom anderson classic drop top!!

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