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Good Resources For Violin Making?

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I am interested in attempting to build my own violin. I have always wanted one, and since i have built many guitars, i would love to build my own violin. I am just having trouble finding resources or good books. Have any of you made a violin before? Any good books or websites related to this?

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I love violins. The instrument most studied, and least understood. There's a lot to be learned from violins and the folks that make them. I haven't built one yet, but I've repaired and rebuilt quite a few and I've been adapting violin techniques to guitar building and finishing for years.

'Violin Making, as it was, and is' by Ed. Heron Allen is my favorite book. It just covers it all. It's been in print for ages, and some older copies actually have fold out full scale plans and templates! Another cool book is Antonio Stradivarius by W. Henry Hill. It doesn't cover much about building but it has many drawings of the masters amazing F holes and outlines, which were different on every axe he made. In my opinion, Stradivarius was very likely the most advanced woodworker in the history of mankind.

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