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Custom Pickup Wiring Question


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I've decided to install seymour duncan blackouts in my ibanez and I'm trying to decide how to wire them.

At present the ibanez has a five way switch for split sounds with a volume and tone pot.

I was wondering if the following would be possible as a wiring plan.

First question to check my understanding is correct is that a tone control essential takes the pickup input and connects iot to ground via a capacitor and the pot effectively blends how much of the signal goes through the capacitor. If I'm wrong I don't think the following is possible but just in case I'm right....

Obviously the blackouts don't allow for splitting so I was thinking reather than putting in a three way and having h1/h1&h2/h3 with volume and tone as I seldom use the tone ather than rolling it all the way back for some mellow neck tones I may be able to do the following...

Utilising the 5 way switch join a capacitor between the pickup input and ground lugs to create the sound of the tone fully rolled off I could set m,y 5-way to give the sounds h1/h2/h1&h2/h2 toned/h1&h2/toned and then have 2 volume controls to allow matching.

Is this possible and what do you guys think for useability?

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If you're using a switch to wire in a cap to ground, yes that can be done. Personally, I would just use a tone pot, as that gives you the full adjustment. For wiring the cap to ground, I don't know how it would work with your particular switch, but just look at it and sort out which contacts go where and you should be able to come up with something.

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