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I missed this one. I am building a tele with a humbucker and single at the moment. The neck seems to have a bit of power and am using 500k pots (250k will make it darker).

I am using a gibson style three way selector similar to that diagram also. What I did find was that a phase switch (on either pickup, I used the neck pickup) can create an interesting strat like "quack" with both pickups selected that is really useful. How effective it is will depend on the placement and types of pickups but you can test it by reversing the leads on a pickup and selecting both.

A phase switch could be done with a dpdt push pull or a mini toggle. I am doing yet another rewire on this guitar and am going to make the out of phase the default sound and pulling up on the volume give the warmer stock configuration. I found that the two combined in stock mode was too much like the neck pickup sound.

Another thing to consider with combined sounds (my favorite on any guitar) is to simply adjust the heights of the pickups to get a blend that works well. All very simple mods.

Also, with the diagram you posted, there is no treble bleed cap on the volume control. This can be a good thing with the brighter 500k pots as turning down the volume a little on the guitar (an compensating on the amp for volume) will give a good sound and a little reserve to cut through for a solo. A treble bleed would increase treble when you turn down, but sometimes a bright guitar like a tele can benefit form not having it... :D


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I ran into an issue with the wiring. Basically, It's tele wiring, subtract out the tone pot, and make the bridge pup a hum. Everything was going fine until I hit the neck pup. Both pups are rails. the bridge has 5 wires - white red ( soldered and taped) green bare ( soldered ) and black.

So far so good according to the diagram.

The neck pup is way off. I have a red white ( soldered ), green bare ( soldered ) and NO BLACK!

So this threw me off. So what I did is soldered red/white to the pup selector and the green/bare to the pot as a ground.

Please tell me if this is correct or I need to do something different.


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