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Hand Plane Prob


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I´ve been happy handplane user for a quite a while. Until now, I discovered that

I can´t use lever cap correctly to hold blade in place. The switch is rounded and worn from underside

This is Stanley Bailey´s plane bought as new. Owned for less than a year.

Have I misused my plane or is this common problem ? Are there any DIY solutions to replace or fix lever cap ? I´m not sure if

anyone sells replacement parts around here.

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Without seeing your plane, it's hard to diagnose... But.

You do realize that you have to turn the screw that holds the level cap, to adjust the tightness - right?. Basically you tighten it to adjust the pressure of the lever. If it's too tight you can't work the lever, if it's too loose, the lever doesn't hold the blade firmly

Even if the lever is rounded, you should be able to tighten the screw down to lock the blade down without using the lever if there was a problem with the lever. That just means you would have to loosen it to adjust the blade.

Oh, you don't want it so tight that you can't use the thumbwheel or the level that moves the blade, just enough to be firmly in place.

The reason I'm looking at alternate solutions is that I have several planes that are very old - 100 plus year, and there is almost no wear on any of the parts. Unless you have a defective newly made plane, I'm guessing it's a setup issue.


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I know stanley are not what they once were but I'd say John was right sounds like your screw has become a bit loose there needs to be a bit of rounding to the swich to allow it to rock and lock into place!

When this happens on mine I like to take the whole thing apart and give it proper clean down and remove the crud thet invariably gets stuck in the cracks and on the threads. I tighten up the screw so i can't operate the switch and then slacken it off until I can lock it down with just my thum while I hold the handle as if to plane.

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