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Top Carving revisted


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alright I was staring blankly at my maple top tonight that I'm using for my project and just wondering how to carve it I've heard the angle grinder and spoke shave versions just wondering if it can be done with anything else I have a small surform and a trillion or so rasps so if they can be used an explanation would be great? And I was wondering if you carve a rebate (with a rabbeting bit for instance) all the way around the body. shoulda done a single cut.....oh well lol.

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I have used a Wagner Power Plane to create a flat ledge around the outside of the body. The Wagner chucks into a drill press and has three cutters mounted around the perimeter. If you make like passes it cuts pretty clean. The trick is to cut evenly around in from the rim and to smooth the transition from flat to carve. You could angle the drill press table to bevel the cut, but I haven't tried that.

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