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Does It Matter How Far The Bridge Is Away From The Neck?

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Absolutely. The bridge is placed at a set distance from the nut, based on the scale length of the neck. Without proper placement, tuning and intonation are impossible.

Where the tailpiece is placed in relation to the bridge (IE: a t-o-m bridge & stop tailpiece combo) is up for debate. Some will say it should be close, some say far away, some that it doesn't much matter.

If your question was about scale length, then that's another story completely. That will entirely depend on what is most comfortable for you. What is likely: if you have small hands, you'll probably be more comfortable with a shorter scale, and the opposite is likely true of large handed folk.

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Ok my question is about all kinds of electric solid body guitars, tuneomatics, trems, and hardtail etc. Does it matter how far the bridge is away from the neck for proper playability?

Yes! The distance between the nut and the bridge are ABSOLUTELY critical. THis is what is called the scale length. :D

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Seriously, while you can find all the info you're looking for on the 'net, buy the book. It presents everything in a clear, structured, logical manner, step by step, discusses design quite extensively (what to keep in mind when designing things), and gives you a solid foundation/framework for understanding all the stuff on the net, and a fighting chance of seperating the nonsense from the truth...

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