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Idea For Wiring


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Okay, I haven't even finished the guitar I'm working on now but I have an idea for the next one and I want to know if it would work. I was thinking of making a guitar with the HSS configuration.

1. Splitting the humbucker with a three way switch.

2. using a three way to switch the H (in bridge position) with the neck S

3. Using an on/off switch to bring the middle S into the mix out of phase

Will this work?

P.S. and how do I get a pickup out of phase? :D

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That is certainly doable. Some thoughts:

A split humbucker is a cool sound but you will NOT get a "normal Strat sc sound" by using one coil of a humbucker. The dimensions, magnetic field etc. are different. I don't know if that was your intention, but thought I'd mention it.

Pickup phase ... First off, "phase" only matters when you are talking about two coils. This could be a single humbucker or two single coils.

There are two kinds of phase to consider: 1) magnetic 2) electrical. Pickups with the same magnetic polarity (say they both have magnetic north pointing up) are magnetically in phase.

Pickups are wound "start to finish". One end of the coil is start, the other finish. When you connect two coils with the starts as hot and the finishes as ground (or vice versa), they are electrically in phase. If the start of one coilis hot and the start of the other is ground, the coils are ELECTRICALLY out of phase. If they are connected electrically out of phase in series, and the coils have opposite magnetic polarity, you have a humbucker.

This diagram explains it all much more simply than I can. :D


Practical answer: if you have two coils that are electrically and magnetically in phase (say both north up, both start as hot), you can make them out of phase by swapping the leads on one coil. I imagine you could create the same effect by flipping the magnetic polarity on one coil and leaving the coils electrically in phase.

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