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Wiring Humbuckers For A Beginner


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Hello there, I building my first custom guitar and it has come to the point where i am considering how to wire pick-ups. I have no experience with wiring or circuit but I am interested in learning. So i was wondering what way would the easiest for a beginner to be wiring a pair of humbuckers? Does anyone have any suggestions on websites with clear step by step guides or ways they have learnt themselves. Sorry about big paragraph but i'm eager top learn!

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it may be a little advanced but i found this site really useful lots of diagrams and lay outs

if you want a easy wire on two humbuckers probably a 3way switch, and a single tone, volume (pretty standard) would be your best place to start.


its really simple if you start feeling overwhelmed just take it one wire at a time and befor you know it you will be done.

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Do a search on Google ... you'll find lots of sites out there, and one of them will be laid out in a way that makes sense to you.

I like the Seymour Duncan site referred to in the previous post ... and this is another one that I like. It has lots of wiring diagrams, but there's also a stack of easily understandable wiring and related information for people like me who aren't Electronic Engineers!




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