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Defretting A Bass

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Hi all!

I was asked to make a yamaha bass fretless. Now i know that the general concept is to fill the gaps with lighter wood splints, but i am REALLY tight on time and I was thinking that some wood fillers get pretty hard so is it possible to fill the gaps with wood filler? (i was thinking elmer's wood filler) or is that just mindless blasphemy that i need to be punished for? is it gonna wear out easily with wood filler?

if the whole idea is BS then should i go for hard woods only? coz i don't remember finding a maple piece anywhere around but i can get hold of basswood easily...

any help is highly appreciated



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i did the wood filler thing to a bass when i was about 16. the problem is that you wont get clean lines. any chips or barb damage to the slot will become very noticable when the wood filler gets in it

all you need is a bit of veneer - the lines will look much neater and the time the glue takes to dry is probably less than the wood filler will take to harden

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