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I Have Half A Mind......

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Put the Bigsby B50 I got in the mail today on my strat. LOL

I bought it for my project guitar.. still waiting on the bridge to come in the mail...

turns out the S-101 neck I bought...doesn't fit the neck pocket. :D it's too wide. I still plan fully on using it, as it has BEAUTIFUL medium jumbo frets and really nice rosewood FB. I don't know what Chinese guy put that piece of wood in the easy-neck oven, but I give him kudos cause it's a nice neck for coming from a cheap guitar... and it only cost me 35 bucks (and thats with shipping)

getting further though... the body is finished now. made an interesting sheet-metal p/g for it.. and starting to fit the electronics inside...

need to get a linear pot from radio shack...bought two audio tapers...razzofracka...

getting closer!


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turns out the S-101 neck I bought...doesn't fit the neck pocket. :D it's too wide.

What's too wide, the neck or the neck pocket?

If it's the neck, then either reshape the heel or widen the pocket. If it's the pocket, then you can rebuild the walls to hold the neck. Both are pretty easy to pull off, and both will be invisible.

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I Have Half A Mind.....


It is not as easy as that to just stick this thing on a strat...the whole bridge thing needs to be tackled, possibly neck angle to get enough height and some kind of rolling tunomatic...then you have the issue of the huge fender tremolo bridge routing and spring cavity to deal with. Extensive blocking of the bridge area would be required to fit a TOM bridge.

Bigsby's are great vintage gear...my first guitar, an SG 3xHB had one...but they are notoriously difficult to keep in tune...on the right guitar of course, they look great...a strat is not the right guitar for the reasons above.

However, a fender fulcrum tremolo, even an old style one can be adjusted to have much the same affect and stay in tune better than a bigsby for free and is worth playing around with...

So...while the concept might seem like a good one, it may even appear to look good sitting on the guitar...I would not recommend this kind of thing on a strat. I was tempted on my tele to do something like this, but despite the cost of a Khaler, the build look action and everything about it is a lot like a bigsby without the tuning hassles and the rand of a floyd...and you don't have to buy bridges and other parts and jack up the neck or angle to make it work.

I'd save it for a legit project with that in mind.

As for the neck thing...as MG said. It is not reasonable for people to expect a bunch of mismatched ebay parts to miraculously fit together without some adjustment or work and planing involved...


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Thanks all.

yeah Pete, I know. I thought about the cavity issues as well.

The guitar I'm building will have the roller. I bought the Bigsby for it, actually. I'm going to make it so it can go down all the way to the body.

the neck is too big for the pocket... I should be able to just shave it down I assume.

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