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Bridge Plate

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Hi everyone.. I'm going to replace the bridge (vintage tremolo 6 screws) std mex strat.. I decided what bridge to buy..but since there are 2 options, complete assembly or assembly without plate, I'm wondering..the plate is really important? Could I use my actual plate and put on the guitar just the saddles and the block? Or it is really worth the 40usd for the plate?

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You can use the existing bridge plate as long as the spacing on it is the same as the spacing on the new one and as long as the saddles are compatible. On vintage trems, the saddle width is different than on more modern ones. I have seen where one guy was having problems because he bought modern saddles for his vintage bridge and the saddles were too wide and he had to use his old saddles again. Just make sure spacing is right and you should be fine.

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